Thursday, December 5, 2013

Real Talk

For realz, this is what my bedroom looks like right now.

I sold all the furniture. Well, most of the furniture. The bed is on the floor, and unmade because I am lazy. And also because I work from home at 9:00 each day and today I woke up at 8:50. Clothes are in laundry baskets and bins because Husband has no dresser. I have a dresser because mine is hidden in the closet, so it made the cut. However, I'd like to sell it to get one just slightly bigger to maximize the space. I don't think he would understand my desire to sell an Ikea dresser for like $20 just to go buy another almost identical slightly wider one for $100. It's a matter of inches.

Or maybe he would. He's a man, after all. #PG13

And I promised to wait until after the holidays to start putting it all back together. I want to paint becuase it turns out I'm not super into neon green walls. I need new curtains or blinds or something because I left the lights on one night and I now know that my neighbors can totally see into our bedroom. Since I live in a townhouse, the neighbors are like three feet away. Show's over, people. The furniture I sold was absolutely lovely, late 50s, and I totally saw one of the dressers on the cancelled show Vegas. (Pretty sure that's not why it was cancelled.) But the furniture was way too big for the room. As you can see, I haven't sold the nightstands. I love them too much so asked more money for them than for the two dressers. They still won't fit, but I like them enough to save them for years. Unless someone wants to give me $400 for them but they probably don't. I have evidence that nobody does.

What did Mary Poppins say about promises? (I know what she would say about the state of my bedroom.) Promises are like pie crusts -- easily made, easily broken. Pretty sure that's it, based on the five hundred times I watched that movie as a child. Because, um, I logged onto Joss & Main last week and the PERFECT BED was there for a great price and I bought it. It's being delivered on Wednesday. Whoops. I want to at least paint before it gets here. Did you notice that patch of pastel green on the wall? I bought a tester of what I thought I wanted. But it's too light. So I tacked up some options and am diving in sans-tester. Gonna wake up and paint. Can you guess which one I chose?

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