Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back Again

Wow it's been FOREVER since I posted here.  I had this idea that I would make things and paint things and cook things and sew things and then post all the pretty pictures here and la la la la la.

As it turns out, making and painting and crafting and cooking take a lot of time away from blogging. And not all of the pictures are pretty.  I've been stuck in repair mode, react mode.

Things. Keep. Breaking.

The shower rod broke.

Which means now is a great time to paint the bathroom but I haven't decided on the color yet, so I am just dealing with the precariously balanced shower rod.  The toilet inside bits also broke, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet because the water shut-off valve is SO TIGHT and can't I just put on my pajamas and watch True Blood and eat some ice cream and go to bed?
I don't have a picture of the broken toilet, but just imagine a regular toilet with the top to the tank sitting on the bathroom floor.  It looks like that.  Fully functional, just more manual than normal.  Although still better than what they were working with back in the day at Versailles.  (This is how I convince myself that it will be ok until NEXT weekend...)

The closet broke.  I didn't take a picture of it when it broke, but we had these type of wire shelves in the bedroom closet.

Apparently our clothes are really heavy, or wire shelves just plain suck, because they collapsed.  And then it looked like this.

I tried to buy new fasteners but apparently the marketing geniuses at ClosetMaid decided to ever so slightly change the size of the wire racks some time in the last thirty years so that the new brakets would not fit on the old shelves.  But TOO BAD, ClosetMaid Marketing Geniuses, I refuse to buy more stupid wire shelves.  I hated the old shelves anyway, so I ripped them all out and started over.  Closet systems are way too expensive; I worked it out using mostly Ikea shelves, so far.  The kitchen ones work well for clothes on hangers.  I am hoping to finish the closet next weekend.  Ha.  Always next weekend.

The cat broke.  (The dumb one.)  He forgot how to use a litter box and decided that the carpet in the basement hallway would do just fine.  Have you ever tried to get the smell of cat pee out of anything? There are some fine products that almost did the trick, but he just kept coming back to the same area of the rug.  And then we couldn't get the smell out anymore.  So now I have this.

Which of course has inspired an entire basement redo.  I've almost finished the unfinished laundry room side and now I am gathering ideas for the finished basement area.  What have I gotten myself into?

The list is long, so long that it's scary. And I still like to fit in new recipes and crafts and (patio) gardening and, um, True Blood.  So I've made a deal with myself that after a long hard day of actual work at my actual job I would dedicate 7ish to 9ish pm to making things.  Whether I make curtains or noodles or coasters or shelves or tomatos, I will make something.  And hopefully it will be something awesome. Or pretty. Or delicious. Or useful.  Ready, set, go!

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