Monday, July 29, 2013

New Toy

Sometime last year my computer went on strike. It didn't break entirely, just went on a fun worker slow-down, moving reeeeaaaallllyyy slooooow so that I hated it but couldn't technically call it broken. I'm talking like forty-five minutes to boot up, and then random freezing while trying to navigate anything.  And with no good reason,  as I had just bought it a new battery and everything. I didn't take away it's overtime, raise its health care costs, nothing. I could think of about a million things to do instead of waiting forty-five minutes for the computer to boot up, so I just did them, and didn't blog much. But that all can change because I have a new toy!!

It's so pretty and I love it. Though figuring out a Mac after years of Windows is proving tricky. It just took me twenty minutes to figure out how to get that picture off my phone, into iPhoto, then onto the desktop so I could upload it as a jpg. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, I don't really know either. But if you DO and you know of a way to upload pics directly from iPhoto please please PLEASE tell me. Seriously. Please.

Also, the summer is ending and the teenagers are leaving. So I will soon find myself with lots more free time for projects and blogging. And I just signed up for Apartment Therapy's Style Cure. What a great way to get back on track! I've ignored our master bedroom for too long.

10 Things I Hate About You, Master Bedroom

1.   The furniture is awesome but too big.
2.   The bed is too high.
3.   There is no place for all of our shoes (and my husband has more than me, I think).
4.   The ceiling fan is ugly (but necessary).
5.   The curtains are immodest and wake me up too early on weekends.
6.   There is no art on the walls.
7.   There is no art because I hate the furniture and wall color so why bother?
8.   There should be a chair in the space (the bed is too high for sitting) but there isn't room now.
9.   The mirror on the back of the door that came with the house has an ugly cheap looking frame.
10. The carpet. Ugh. But I'm married to the president of the Carpet is Awesome club so....

Yeah. Can't wait to get this thing going.

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