Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apartment Therapy Style Cure Begins!

I'm very excited about Apartment Therapy's Style Cure. As I mention, my bedroom is stupid and ugly and needs some love. I have tried to get down with AT Cures in the past but always get derailed. We'll see if I can get through this one....with a beautiful new bedroom at the end of the rainbow month.

Day 1: Style Cure Interview

Yay, a quiz! I love Style Quizzes. I'm spending the evening doing laundry and helping the teenagers pack to go back to Florida this weekend. Booo. Sad. So we all took the quiz. The teenagers were good sports about it, but (perhaps to do back-to-school mentality) were rather annoyed that there was no way to SCORE this particular quiz.

I kind of want a score also. So I'm giving myself an A.

Frighteningly, I learned that the husband likes things cozy while I like them uncluttered. This explains so much -- like why he gets so mad that my favorite game is Get Crap OUT of the House. And why I get so mad when he plays his favorite game, Piles.

He's already lobbying me to keep the weird Ikea clothes butler, naked lady silhouette. I'll think about it. (No.)

I like that the quiz asked what part of my house I currently like and feel is 'finished'. I chose the jimmy (shortened from Jimmy Buffet because buffet). I like that it is a unique piece of furniture that is also functional, as it holds our cloth napkins, tablecloths, small appliances, vases, and the prettiest 'junk drawers' I've ever had. I think it is the first new (to us) piece we purchased after moving. I also like the handmade ceramic tray, scored from a craft show in Olde Towne Alexandria(e) long ago, due to it's random fluid shape. I like that it is often a mostly clear surface, though it generally serves as a purse holder when we have company. I like the mirror with the capiz frame, the smallish Ikea lamp that helps brighten the dining area (just inches away). And I like the pops of color in the simple cross-stitch above. Behold.

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