Friday, September 6, 2013

Back From LA

Back on the East Coast, hoping Sheryl Crowe's 'All I Wanna Do' will finally get OUT OF MY HEAD. We were actually in West Hollywood (or WeHo, which I refuse to say). And we kept crossing Santa Monica Blvd, so OBVIOUSLY that song would get stuck in my head for days. That part was less than awesome (sorry, Ms. Crowe).

Had a blast regardless of my brain's attempted musical sabotage. We lucked into the cutest hotel, the Palihotel on Melrose. It had accordion lamps at the bedside, a cute desk with a fun metal chair and an Edison lightbulb lamp (that was impossible to capture on the iphone camera), and a patio full of succulents. It also had a fun blue velvet tufted couch that I apparently forgot to photograph, but it was like all of my favorite things in one room.

Aside from the LA toursity tapings we attended (Craig Ferguson and Wayne Brady's Let's Make a Deal), we got to know the neighborhood surrounding the hotel. My favorite surprise was a fun flea/antique/handmade market Sunday morning two blocks down Melrose.

There were so many things there that I loved, including this beauty that just wouldn't fit in the overhead bin for the plane trip home.

But I did pick up a few things to bring home, including five gorgeous terrariums. Succulents, of course, because that is clearly how LA rolls.  We packed them all nice in bubble wrap, as they are glass and we were scared. Husband and I had different flights, but he was checking bags, so we decided he would bring them on board as his carry on to keep them safe.

The terrariums were pretty much glass spheres with openings on the side, hung from twine, with succulents planted in a bit of soil covered with pretty rocks and moss. The two smallest just had air plants sitting on top of colored sand with some colorful moss. Husband didn't break a single one on the trip home, but he did turn the bag sideways to fit it under the seat in front of him. Remember I said they were spheres? Filled with dirt and sand and rocks? Know what happens to tiny things when you turn them sideways inside round things? Yep. I REALLY wish I had taken a picture of them when we bought them.

I am kind of surprised they weren't worse:

I found them on etsy and realized that these are usually sent through the mail as build-your-own terrariums so I tried my best to put them back together again.

I hung them in the kitchen, and they make me very happy in the mornings. They look best when the sun streams through the window at about 8:15 - 8:25am. I never can work buttons that early so you'll have to use your imagination.

And now I can't find them again on etsy so I hope they're ok....

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