Thursday, August 29, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 21: Oh No, I'm Not Finished!

Apartment Thereapy Style Cure Day 21: Post Your 'After' Pics

I got a lazy at the end and also realized I needed to do things like pack and vacuum before the house sitters (brother and SIL, I'm not fancy) come this weekend, so the room isn't finished. I DID manage to upholster a giant peice of MDF for a headboard. It is currently in position but just leaning against the wall.

I fully intend to tuft it and hang it on the wall. I even made the buttons.

Unfortunately, the longest needle I have isn't long enough. (I think I made the headboard extra padded, which I am ok with.) And tonight I pack because tomorrow I leave so a trip to the fabric store is not near future.

HOWEVER. I still dig the whole Style Cure because it got all the crap out of the room, and it got me thinking about design and function in that space. One month just isn't long enough. Maybe by the end of September...

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