Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Down The Street From My Mom's House Edition

The Extreme Makeover show is filming about a mile from my mom's house!  The whole town is talking about it.  It seems there is a wonderful teacher at the local high school that recently adopted three sisters after their parents died.  She lived in a small trailer, and Ty and his friends decided to build her a new house.  It really is a sweet story.  And a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at a home makeover show.
Just LOOK at how many people are there working.  No wonder they're able to turn these projects around so quickly.

They are like little blue-shirted, hard-hat-wearing ants, crawling all over that house.

Here's someone filming.  I think his name is Not Ty.

Look at all these people watching.  They actually ran shuttle buses from a local bank parking lot because there were so many people wanting to stop by to watch. 

I am not sure if this roped off tent full of furniture is the worker's chill-out tent, or if it's the furniture that's going into the house.  Probably both.

Only four days later, the famous bus was there.  Lots of neighbors showed up for the big reveal.

Here's a free preview.  I think the episode airs May 8th.

I didn't stay for the 'Move that bus!' segment.  I was just there to gawk on my lunch hour.  I didn't see any of the show's hosts.  I didn't see the nice teacher and her family when they got home to this circus.  But many people were there all day, with coolers and lawn chairs, tailgating for Ty.

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