Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Rug

First of all:  I love World Market.  I just want to put that out there.  I mean, they carry Milka brand chocolate.  And their Mark West Pinot Noir seems to never be out of stock.  These things are important to me. 

We stopped in this afternoon to pick up some wine, and they were having a Rug Clearance Sale.  Yay!

Our old rug was from World Market.  It was fine, if a bit small and slippery.  But since I've painted, I am on a redecorating frenzy.  Here is the old rug in the freshly painted entranceway.

It's fine.  Just sort of blends into the floor.  But I wanted something with some attitude.  I brought home two new rugs to try.  The first of the two is the same smallish, slippery style, just in brighter colors.

Eh.  The bright colors that make it stand out from the floor actually make it seem smaller.
The next one is much more fun with a Moroccan-esque pattern.

Much better.  It's almost too big, but I kind of like that. It says, 'welcome to our home, we are not afraid of bright patterns here.'

The countdown to the cats ruining it begins.

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