Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 10: Make a List

Apartment Therapy Style Cure Day 10: Make a shopping list and a budget.

Hm. This feels like a freebie day though I know it's important. 

Shopping List
knobs - what kind what color omg i don't know yet
black out blinds
new comforter/blanket/bedspread
side table
probably some accessories, but not yet sure what

Budget: Ok, I realize $0.00 is unreasonable. I'm giving it $200. So far I've spent $8.99 on 3M strips for the board games. $191.01 left. 

I like this table from Target. I like that its under $20 and smallish and wiry so won't take up a lot of visual space. And it will fit nicely between the bed and the mirrored closet. And it has hot pink, but not so much as to be annoying. And the white top should compliment the white sides and legs of our Ikea Lack Hack.

It's not at my local Target (checked today) and it's on back order. Ugh. But I'll order it anyway and just pretend it's there for now. I hate waiting. Anyone else? Everyone else? Yeah, that's what I thought.

While that technically leaves enough in the budget for the $18 Anthopologie knobs, I still say they cost too much. Plus I need a new blanket/whatever for the bed and some blinds. But they did give me a 15% off coupon for my birthday month coming up. What's 15% off of a million dollars?

I have an unopened bathroom shelf from Lowe's that I never hung because I am lazy and also I bought these adorable deer.

(From Anthropologie. Full price at something like $20-$25 each!! So I didn't want anything to compete with them.) I need to return the shelf. I can get credit for the blinds. MAYBE I CAN HAVE MY RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED KNOBS. But I hate rewarding bad behavior. (Bad behavior = Anthropologie's pricing practices.) 

Look at me trying to justify buying million dollar knobs. Anyone else do this? 

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