Monday, August 12, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 8: Pick Paint and and a Pair

(And a peck of pickled peppers.)

AT Style Cure Day 8: Choose your paint color & think about a decor pairing

I chose the wall color four years ago and I'm sticking to it. I will, however, paint the dresser and change out the knobs. The dresser will be white due to the bright blue paint's non-compete clause, and the knobs are currently TBD. I found some really great ones at Anthropologie that were like geodes turned knobs, but at $18 a pop for nine knobs...what's that? Like a million dollars or something? No way. I'll keep looking.

Apartment Therapy describes a decor pairing here.  The gist is to think about what is lacking in the room. My room lacks art. It also lacks a crib which I really wanted to add, but that I've now realized will not fit. I can fit a pack-n-play in the newly cleaned out closet for a visiting Vera and -- breaking news -- my next little niece or nephew that is currently cooking in my little sister!! So, back to art.

I just removed all color and pattern from the room and it is much calmer now. Like a bright summer sky with a little ray of headboard sunshine. I'm kind of scared to add it back now. Perhaps I should hang blank canvases on the wall in a sort of High Art Installation. A postmodern commentary on the thoughtfulness of decor.

But that would be stupid.

I kind of like this giant picture from Ikea. Nice and muted and would take up most of one wall.

But it's $149 and I'm trying to keep this project as close to $0.00 as I can. I already bought that rug for almost $200 back when I intended to Style Cure the master bedroom so there isn't much left in the Home Improvement portion of my bank account.

Remember long ago when I mentioned the stacks of vintage games in my mother-in-law's basement? Well, they are currently on a shelf in a closet in my house.

How can I sanely pair these awesome game boards with that bright blue wall color? The games themselves are all less fun than Candyland. Spin the spinner and move to red, draw a card and move back two, blah blah that kind of thing. No self respecting kid that has ever heard of Angry Birds wants to play these games. But the game boards themselves are excellent. Plus they are sweetly from Husband's childhood. And plus they are free.

I have eighteen game boards to choose from so I'm thinking SOME of them should work. Maybe if I go for the non-primary-color based know, the ones rocking the awful awesome 1970s fuchsia-esque palette. What do you think? Can I make fetch happen? Non-framed, just chilling on the wall? I'll get some 3M strips and let you know how it goes.

Bonus Question: for 100 points, can anyone tell me how to add pictures in a grid format instead of one after another? I CANNOT figure it out.

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