Thursday, August 8, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 6: WHOOPS!

Apartment Thereapy Style Cure Day 6: Learn About Color.

Apartment Therapy published a great Lesson on Color here.

Warm and cool I kind of get and want to care about. I like blues and greens and lemony yellows and I hate reds and browns and buttery yellows so let's call me SUPER COOL and leave it at that, yeah?

And did you know that white is cool and black is warm? Emo kids all over the country are going to be pissed.

More disturbing is the 80/20 rule. 80% of the space should be neutral and 20% can scream at you. Can I change that to a 20/80 rule? Because there is SO. MUCH. COLOR. happening in that room.

The bedspread is bananas.

The $10 fabric panels I scored from Urban Outfitters one December 26 years ago that I hung as interim curtains when we first moved in is full of color and pattern. And birds.

The decoupaged nightstand we made this summer turned a nice white surface into a color and pattern explosion.

And the walls. They're, um, a bit bright. I REALLY don't want to have to paint them. (Again.) But I also really don't want have nothing else but black and white (and gold -- the headboard is brass and the mirrored closets are edged in a sort of matte gold color) in the room.

I'm off to Google Image turqoise/teal rooms and convince myself that this can work. It might work; I excel at denial.

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