Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At Style Cure Day 5: Stupid Measuring

Apartment Therapy Style Cure Day 5: Make a Floor Plan.

I HATE MEASURING. In the most whiniest, forget this stupid Style-Cure, I-give-up way.

The usable space of the bedroom is approximately 10' x 10'. One wall is all closet and mirror. The opposite wall has a window that is not centered, but is not really on one side either. It is placed to look even from the outside, not the inside. In fact, it is just annoyingly close to the middle that a full-sized bed doesn't fit in the corner without covering a few inches of the window.

So the most logical place for the headboard is on the wall where the dresser is in the above picture. It's been there before, it works. I only moved the bed to use the rest of the room for storage when working on the Big Basement Redo.

And that little dresser will fit on the wall with the window. I did measure that. (With my arms.)

I know from experience that there will be just enough room between the bed and the window wall for an Ikea Lack side table, and it will not bump into the actual window. I need a few more coats of Modge Podge but hopefully we'll be able to use Chicken's creation in the room. (Yes, I call my daughter Chicken and have for years. Yes, it started around the same time the Chicken character was introduced on United States of Tara. It was unconscious and unrelated.)


**I used the excellent floor plan software called Sharpie & Clipboard. It's been around a long time. Since before computers, even. Nothing beats the classics.

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