Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At Style Cure Day 9: Kicking it back to Junior High

AT Style Cure Day 9: Research your decor pairing

I am trying to decide if the super neat-o vintage game boards can coexist with the walls in the bright blue summer sky bedroom. I can think of only one way to research this: Old Skool Scientific Method-Style. Finally using those seventh grade science fair skillz. (Honorable mention, yo.)

Question: Will any of the eighteen vintage game boards work as decor in the pretty new guest room?

Research:  I held each game board up to the wall. Anything clashing with the current wall color, or anything with too much blue, was eliminated. I laid the remaining game boards out in different configurations on the bed, sipped green tea, and looked at researched them.

Hypothesis:  If I hang six of these vintage game boards grid style on one wall, then it will be amazing.

Experiment:  My control is the wall color. My variables are the game boards. But I only have enough 3M strips to hang six game boards. I better get this right on the first try.

Conclusion:  You tell me (please). I've never been a judge for my own science project.

I did this entire science experiment on my lunch break. Gotta love working from home.

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