Monday, August 5, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 3: GET A ROOM!

Apartment Therapy Style Cure Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Pictures

When I saw the title of today's assinment, I was like PEICE OF CAKE this is so easy because obviously the bedroom needs the most love. But then I read the part about how this is supposed to be just a quick style update and not an entire renovation. So my bedroom is out, actually, since that whole thing needs to go. However, the guest room/Sophie's Room is perfectly functional if a bit mismatched and boring. And dusty. Which I noticed after sitting in the room breathing the air for ten minutes.

So, ok, changing course a bit, I've decided on making over the guest room. It will need a crib soon anyway, since I recently became an auntie (!!!) and my sweet little neice lives in the area and I expect lots of fun sleepovers in the future.

Baby Vera, six hours old:

Also, I recently picked up a dresser from Craigslist that needs to be repainted. And Sophie and I played Fun With Decoupage this summer all over an old while Ikea Lack Table, which might work in the room. It definately needs a deep cleaning, better lighting, and organization.

So behold, the Before Pictures:

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just posted those Inside the Closet Shots on the internet. Where all the robots can see! I'm going to go clean that closet right this minute.

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