Sunday, August 11, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 7.1: Cinderella Part 2 -- The Fairy Godmother Strikes Back

I cleaned my room! Where's my gold star?

I even cleaned the window, which was super dingy and had never been completely cleaned in the five years we've lived here. Sure, I wiped down the easy to reach inside bits from time to time (year to year), but this time I cleaned the inside and outside of all four panes. I am way too proud of myself over this. It was really hard, but I only fell out of the window one time. Just kidding, I fell out zero times. But it was super scary leaning out of the window to clean the outsides. And I have regular sized arms so I had to clean half of each outside pane by leaning out the bottom and reaching up and the other half by leaning out the top and reaching down. Has anyone ever done this? Is there an easier way that I am missing? And what is up with that creepy inclination to just jump out the window? Just me?

I also removed all the crazy patterns from the room, and I am starting to believe that I will not have to paint.*

*Except for the closet which I totally just painted. After sanding and spackling and wishing upon stars four nights in a row, the former mountainous region in the closet was finally smooth enough to paint. Smooth enough for the inside of a closet, anyway. I used the same light blue-grayish color that I painted the living room and basement with because it matches everything. Voila!**

Remember the before:

**Anyone know how to make an accent over the a in 'Voila'?

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