Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AT Style Cure Day 14: Feng Shui ALL DAY

Apartment Therapy Style Cure Day 14: Go with the Flow

Apartment Therapy has a lovely lesson on 'room flow' here.

It's a nice read, but I didn't think it applied in a room as small as the guest bedroom. But then I thought about the other possible configurations. I didn't like the bed in the corner because it slightly blocked the window. However, while thinking of water running through the room, or 'chi', or energy, or the universal vibes, man....what was I saying? Oh yeah, I realized that if the bed was in the corner then any couple staying with me would have one person crawling over the other if said person needed to get up in the night. Now, they might be into that sort of thing. Or they might just have to pee. No one likes crawling over others on airplanes, so why would they like it in my fancy new guest room? I don't think they would. So I feel good about my flow, yo.

In the interest of doing something, I changed the almond colored outlets to white. Except for the spinny thing that controls the fan -- gotta find a white knob that fits.

I also learned that I only have four outlets in this room. And one is right by the doorway so only makes sense for the vacuum cleaner. Maybe I need a neon sign or something on that wall.

I ALSO accidentally did this while my DVR was meant to be recording 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Luckily that show is super padded with crabcake filler, but I did miss Fik-shun's dance. Which I was not happy about.  #teamjasmine

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